SB Computers is an Information Technology company operating in the Parramatta area of Sydney. We have been here for over 15 years.

We sell computer parts, notebooks (Lenovo and HP/Compaq), and printers (Laser and Inkjet).

We also build our own computer systems (business workstations, home computers, file and database servers).

We have experience in Wireless Networking, Local Area Networking, Linux Operating Systems as well as gateways, VOIP, Apache and MySQL.
Please Note

     Computers, Components, Networking and Support
  • The Office Business workstation, the Home Gaming PC, File Servers - we build them
  • Wireless ADSL Routers, VOIP Routers, Gigabyte switches
  • Cables - Network, USB,  Firewire (1394), DVI and HDMI + cable extensions
  • KVM Switches, Network Printers, Flash Drives, Serial & Parallel, PCI cards
  • DVD and CDROM Blank Disks (50 packs)
  • Budget components and computer systems
  • We can give you advice on Wireless strategies, Networking your business or home, File Server options

We have regular specials on
LCD monitors
Flash Memory drives
Hard Disk drives
PC and Notebook RAM

Come in and talk to us about your requirements. .......

What's New?

* SATA 2 Hard Disk Drives (500GB, 640GB & 1 Terrabyte)
* NVidia GeForce Video Card
* Coolermaster PC Case

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SB Computers has moved.

We are now located at Unit 10, No.5 Salisbury Road, Castle Hill NSW 2154.

New Phone: (02) 8850 6477

The business will continue to operate as it has in the past - computer supplies, repairs and support.